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Raze Therapeutics is a non profit organization helping to serve our community with good health. We are 5-star trusted provider for certified and trained therapist at your home. Our World-class staff is focused to work according to Physician plan to get best output. Book your needs, and we will provide the best therapist at your home according to your need. We provide our service across country.


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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment or care to ease pain before or after surgery and helps you the recover faster and in better way. People going home after medical setback or Surgery to have at-home therapy has faster recover rate as per the research. Our therapists help to recover from injury/ surgery, pain management, movement maximization. Physical therapy can delay or even prevent from surgery and is often suggested/ prescribed by doctors.

Occupational Therapy

Followed by medical setback or Surgery, Occupational therapist help patient develop skill which will help patient in daily activities. Therapist help individual to relearn and regain skills which are needful to do daily activities. Through rehabilitation program we help patient with faster and successful recovery. Research says that after surgery like hip or knee replacement, patient is safe enough to go home and can continue recovery at home.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy help patient to diagnose and treat speech related disorders which includes language, stroke disorder cognitive disorder and many more. Speech therapist are needed when patient experience inability to speak/talk, swallowing, disorientations, memory loss. Speech therapy help individual to overcome all speech related problems and improve quality of life.

Psychiatric Therapy

We have Skilled and licensed therapist who diagnoses treat and manages Psychiatric disorders. Our psychiatric prescribe and manage medications of individuals like antidepressants, stimulants, sedatives, hypnotics, mood stabilizers and many more. Our psychiatric counsel of our patients and suggest them the best. Our team of psychiatric deal with conditions like Depression, Bipolar disorder,Personality disorders, Anxiety disorders, Sleep disorders, Substance use disorder, Gender dysphoria Eating disorders and many more.

Mobility Training

Mobility-training consist of plan designed by physician which is followed by our trained to achieve improvement in patients’ movement and motions. Training consists of exercise which help to achieve flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength. It is necessary to keep certain level on pressure on the joints so maintain that our trainers develop a personalized plan for each patient. Mobility training helps to prevent injury.

Online Therapy Session

Step 1: Our Physio will diagnose the cause of pain by a set of questions over video and create a treatment plan.

Step 2: According to your treatment plan your sessions will be conducted and our expert experts will guide you daily with proper form online while you perform exercise

Step 3: you progress will be reviewed by our Chief every 5th week and changes will be made in your plan according to need.

Step 4: 24×7 Care & Your Physio Mobile App

Medication Management

We partner with patients doctor in order to make sure that medication given to patients provides best results. In order to achieve safe and speedy recovery it is necessary to take medication directed by doctor. Proper medication at right time and dosage is must. Medication-Management service includes reviewing medication, reviewing effects on patient, educating patient and family member regarding the medication.

Home Safety Assessment

It is an assessment which is done for the environment where patient is kept to eliminate all hazards, assessment is done by licensed healthcare professional. They provide a plan of action to be followed for patient and home environment. To Achieve good results, it is necessary to have complete home safety for patients. Our clinicians keep a check that home environment set is properly maintained in order to obtain safe and fast recovery for patient.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing is a service provided by licensed health professional (LVN’s, RN’s) to patient post-acute care. Healthcare professionals specialized in Skilled nursing perform wound care, injections, IV therapy and monitor vital sign. We have experienced RN’s and LVN’s, licensed and trained to perform jobs like patient- assessment, observation, training, treatment for successful recovery at home. Skilled Nursing ensures that an individual is met with all complex medical needs in time by professionals.

Why us

  • Recognized as leading in-home rehab agency
  • All Our staff are Licensed and Skilled.
  • Provided dedicated case manager.
  • Upmost care is taken of patient to provide best recovery.
  • Covered by multiple insurance providers.
  • Provide to point treatment to individual.
  • Value for money for patient care.
  • Try to connect with emotionally with patient and their families.
  • We are here to serve our community with in market with financial discipline.


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“I came to Lara with right knee pain. After therapy my pain has vanished. I am also delighted with the speed of recovery. Lara is very friendly and is always on point with best solutions. I Would strongly recommend at home service. It is value for money.”

- Kim T

“We have been looking for a good at home Speech therapist for my daughter Samantha. My daughter loves loves her therapist so much the morning when therapist is to come she jumps up and down from happiness. We have seen progress within 1 month with her speech. We feel lucky to trust them for your child. God bless.”

- Michelle M.

“I was clutched by the most common problem after covid, depression and anxiety. Many time I felt like I can’t do anything and went totally numb. I tried multiple medications and counselors but at last settled with___. There at home service help we to come out of my closet and open my mind. I recovered of this and will always be thankful to__”

- Amanda F.